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David's Rover P6

David lives in Ireland. He owns a stunning Rover P6 V8 in Paprika.

He has made some subtle but tasteful changes to his P6 which made his painting very interesting. First up are the wheels. He has fitted Rover SD1 wheels and lowered the suspension.

I checked through my back-catalogue of references and came across an Austin Rover brochure which showed the SD1 vitesse wheels. I painted David's wheels from this reference picture.

Another subtle change was to the headlights, which are BMW with a blue-ish tint around the outside of the glass. The photo he sent was clear enough to pick this out and make the headlights right.

David really appreciated being able to see the painting on our website first, that way we could refine the painting until he was happy with it. We then popped it in the post and he knew just what he was getting.

David's Rover P6