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I have a passion for cars of all kinds but especially British classics. As a kid growing up in the 60's & 70's so many of the cars on our roads which influenced me were Triumphs, Wolseleys, Austins, Rovers, Hillmans to name a few.

My Early Influences

At Junior School I remember drawing and colouring cars as part of a project. My influence came from the Ladybird book of cars from the school library.

My earliest influence in painting cars, the Ladybird book

Another early influence came in the form of Top Trumps collector's cards. I remember playing these on long afternoons when it was too wet to go outside and being fascinated by the pictures of the cars, which were typically brouchure shots.

Top Trumps were an early influence on the cars I was into

Painting Now

In the early 90's I came across a book about sports cars in my local book shop. It is called "World Sports Cars" and features the stunning photography of Frank Oleski and the authoritative text by Hartmut Lehbrink. I was completely hooked and it started me painting again. As you can see from my copy below, it is well used, I refer back to it often.

World Sports Cars - what a book!


I have always been very interested in rallying. Especially the days when the RAC rally was several days (and nights) long and driven blind - no pace notes. Once you've perched in Grizedale forest, frozen rigid, before dawn, waiting for Group B rally cars to snort past, spiiting flames for a few fleeting seconds, you are never quite the same (or sane!) person again.

I am close to painting all the significant cars in the sport's history. The book never far from my side is "Rally Cars" by the great Reinhard Klein, it is THE rally text and features the fantastic photography he has taken over many years.

Rally Cars - what a book for the rallying enthusiast.


I was mad about F1 as a child and remember the stars of the day such as Stewart, Fittipaldi and Hunt. This turned into an interest which lasted for many years until the Schumacher/Ferrari years when I lost interest. My interest has been increased since then, particularly with recent close finishes. The sport is at it's best once again, with several drivers all capable of delivering victories. I throughly enjoyed spending a year out painting EVERY F1 champion since it started in 1950, plus a few other favourites along the way.


In all my drawings, attention to detail is something I strive for. I have thousands of my own photos, scores of reference books, models and DVD's which I call upon for help. I don't claim everything is perfect but that is what I strive for in every painting.
These pictures are not created magically from photos by use of special filters, each is hand drawn from scratch on a leading brand PC art package blending a traditional approach with modern technology.

Just some of the many books on cars I own

Thousands of my own photos and scores of models....
Scores of models

I also built this website